Orlando may be a newer city than some, but it is filled with historic buildings and resources. There are six historic districts within the city and they are filled with a variety of architectural styles.

The districts are as follows:

  • Downtown – established in 1980 as the first historic district. This area primarily consists of commercial structures built between the 1880s – 1940s juxtaposed with newer skyscrapers and condo buildings creating a diverse skyline.
  • Lake Cherokee – established in 1981 and consists of 16 blocks in a residential area. The historic homes were built between the late 1870s with a boom in the 1920s and a mix of everything in between through the 1940s.
  • Lake Copeland – established in 1984 with about 110 residences including a mix of Colonial, Mediterranean, Tudor Revival, Bungalow, and Traditional.
  • Lake Eola Heights established in 1989 this area is “one of Orlando’s oldest and most architecturally diverse neighborhoods” with about 570 buildings built to last.
  • Lake Lawsona – established in 1994 and encompasses the popular Thornton Park neighborhood. Most of the buildings and residences were built between 1911 to the 1950s and the bungalow is a predominant style throughout. .
  • Colonialtown South – established in 2000 this neighborhood is the newest designated historic district in Orlando. Many homes in the historic district were built during the 1920s boom, but just outside the historic area of Colonialtown South there are several homes built in the 1950s as well.

Learn more about all of the historic districts and how to go about building or making improvements in these areas. Or Start searching historic homes in these Downtown Orlando neighborhoods today.

*image and information gathered on CityofOrlando.net