All across the world there are historic properties. Many structures still standing today are thousands of years old. Here in America we are a relatively “new” country in the grand scheme of things so many of our oldest buildings and homes are only a few hundred years old.

To go a step further, Orlando is a pretty new city compared to many across our nation. Many of our most prized historic buildings were built less than 100 years ago or just a little before. These historic buildings and houses are important to our city and neighborhood landscapes.

In fact, according to the National Register of Historic Places, if your home was built more than 50 years ago it may historic. Other considerations are the integrity of the structure and significance.

Have you made significant changes?
Does the home have a storied past?
Were there important events held at the property or did people of historical importance live or stay in the property?

If you think you own a historically significant property you can apply to be on the National Register. Or check out the listings here in Orlando already on the National Register.

Whether your home technically qualifies as a historical structure or not, there are still many reasons to preserve the integrity of a home as it ages. Even if you aren’t a diehard historic preservationists; consider this, homes with historical significance and homes near or in historic districts tend to have higher home values than the surrounding areas!

Thinking of selling your home, contact us today to ensure all of your hard work preserving your home will be considered in the value.